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Vitamin Drips

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Vitamin drips are an increasingly popular trend amongst celebrities and health gurus alike. The benefits of this treatment span from skincare to strengthening your immune system – recommended for anyone with a busy schedule and not enough hours in a day. A vitamin drip is the perfect way to reset your system with immediate effects, and it can be tailored to your body’s specific nutrients needs.

The results are fast – because the vitamins enter the body through the bloodstream, any effects are felt much more immediately than if you were to ingest them orally. IV drips help replenish the body with essential vitamins and nutrients in a much more rapid manner than taking supplements.

They make your skin glow – anything you inject intravenously goes into your system and affects every organ and how it’s working. A healthy liver is essential for healthy, glowing skin and a vitamin drip has lots of great vitamins for detoxifying it.

It can help your heart health – the presence of magnesium in a vitamin drip may have a positive effect on your heart, as it could help lower your risk of heart disease and maintain a normal heartbeat. There is also an association with low magnesium and strokes.

It strengthens the immune system – those with a Vitamin C deficiency may exhibit signs of a weak immune system. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for other reasons, too. This includes keeping your hair and skin healthy, maintaining high energy levels and preventing joint pain, inflammation and sensitive or bleeding gums.

They can help regulate and cleanse – issues such as a loss of appetite and insomnia are usually linked to imbalances within the body; such as dehydration, vitamin deficiency or fibromyalgia. These symptoms can be regulated by vitamin drips, restoring the bodys’ natural cycle.

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