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Treating Dark Spots With Tranexamic Acid

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Tranexamic acid has a powerful anti-inflammatory action used to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma. “Tranexamic acid reduces the production of melanin, the pigment that makes our skin darker and can cause discolouration,” says aesthetic doctor Dr Pamela Benito.

Unlike some skincare which doesn’t react well with others (retinol, we’re looking at you), tranexamic acid is one of the friendliest ingredients out there and pairs especially well with vitamin C and kojic acid, which are also effective known pigment brighteners. “Combining it with vitamin C or kojic acid maximises its brightening power, ensuring you get the most out of the ingredient. Also, if you are already using a hydroquinone product for skin lightening, you can add a product with tranexamic acid and potentially see even better results,” says Dr Benito.

Is tranexamic acid suitable for pregnancy?

“Women who are pregnant often experience dark spots due to an overproduction of melanin,” says Dr Benito. “While tranexamic acid can help reduce this discolouration, due to the systemic absorption following topical administration of tranexamic acid, it is not recommended during pregnancy and avoidance might be the safest option.


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