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Introducing ambuja

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The urban power fluid

Enhances skin’s best quality and gives skin back its youthful translucence, vitality, firmness and luminosity.

Anti-Pollution is the new Anti-Aging.


The 7-day power cure. The luxurious, ultra-moisturizing formula uber-hydrates, stimulates skin regeneration and dramatically improves complexion.

How does it work?
Designed to smoothen, boost the renewal process, replenish moisture at multiple layers, resulting in a fresher, younger-looking complexion. The booster ampoule immediately lifts dullness, diminish the fine lines while immersing skin in moisture.

What is it for?

De-Pollution and detoxification
Urban anti-aging and moisture infusion
Megacity protection and skin regeneration
Texture and juvenescence booster
Skin is protected against pollution and oxidative stress. This ultralight supershot formula instantly stimulates circulation and helps fortify the skin’s barrier function while feeding it at a deeper level.

Which major superactives?

Infused with the powerhouse SUPERFLUID™, the brand’s signature concoction, and the most cogent SUPERADAPTO_GENE™ complex made of fermented desert rose, the Methuselah enzyme SOD and anti-inflammatory extremolytes from the Wadi El Natrun desert to help skin defend itself from pollution and environmental aggressors by keeping skin supple, healthy-looking and ultra-hydrated.

Which results?

supershot leaves your complexion plush, clear, radiant and silky soft.

Skin appears brighter from the first use. It also works as a pm cure treatment for blemish prone skin aggravated by urban living.

For enviably smoothed skin.

For whom?

Perfect for urban living.

Recommended for dry, oily, combination and normal skin.

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