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How Stress Can Impact Your Skin

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Stress can severely impact both our mental and emotional health, alongside the most visible place of all – our skin. If you believe that stress is starting to make an impact on your, or someone else’s, physical health, there are some quick ways to spot several warning signs.

Flaky skin – increased stress levels can lead to a decrease in our ability to look after ourselves correctly. For many people who are stressed at work, they are unlikely to take the time to ensure that they are drinking enough water, leading to dehydration and dry, flaky skin.

Acne – stress can lead to the release of the hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels promote the production of oils that clog the pores and leads to the development of inflammation and bacteria– resulting in acne. If you do notice the signs of acne, try creating a facemask of baking soda and honey to cleanse the skin.

Skin flare ups – if you have a pre-existing condition such as eczema or acne, stress can lead to flare ups and break outs. Stress causes bacterial imbalance which leads the breakouts in the skin. If you notice this happening, make sure you take warm – not hot – showers and moisturise straight after.

Redness – for some people, suffering from stress can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Often, when we’re worried about something, we suffer from shortness of breath and forget to breathe slowly and calm down. This lack of oxygen can show up on our skin through red patches on our cheeks. If you do find yourself getting stressed, take some time and breathe slowly.

Wrinkles – stress speeds up the ageing process, meaning that frowning and scowling will be doing nothing for your skin. If you live a stressful and chaotic life, you may notice the signs of ageing at a young age. In order to avoid this from happening, try and declutter your life while making sure that you protect your skin with a proper skincare routine.

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