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How Profhilo anti-ageing treatment can knock five years off your face

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By Amber Graafland.

If I had a penny for every press release I have read offering a new amazing anti ageing treatment then I would be on a sun lounger in the Bahamas right now!

The beauty industry has quite literally exploded recently with a plethora of new ‘tweakments’ that promise to turn back the hands of time.

We are in the midst of a beauty boom and it is predicted that by the end of 2020 over 1.5 million people in the UK will have had some form of botox or fillers.

It is practically impossible to keep up, and is also hard as a beauty journalist to navigate the options trying to determine what actually works.

But there is one treatment that is so good the results actually speak for themselves. It is called Profhilo, an injectable that is not a filler, it is not permanent and does not freeze anything. It really is the ultimate skin pick-me-up and perfect for anyone looking for skin that looks dewy, plumper and generally younger.

So what exactly is it? Profhilo treatment is effectively an injectable moisturiser containing 100% synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA) injected by a tiny needle into the face. Because it gets deeper it rehydrates and plumps the skin far more effectively than a topical cream ever could.

How does the treatment work?

It is relatively painless and the treatment involves two sessions a month apart.

It lasts in the skin for around 28 days and during this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen takes place by the slow release of HA. This stimulation results in significant tissue improvement and stimulation of the skins natural synthesis of collagen. There is no down time involved although you may experience small bumps at the injection site for a few hours.

Where can you use it?

It is proven to be particularly effective at treatment areas prone to laxity like sagging cheeks, neck, chest and décolletage. But as with all these treatments the results really do lie in the hands of the professional administering it. It is essential that the injections reach the correct level; go too deep and it won’t get to the surface to work.

I went to Dr Pamela Benito whose name is listed on the prestigious Tatler Address book and is a respected industry expert. Pam tells me customers really love the treatment because is non invasive, does not involve any downtime and is perfect for anyone looking to improve the condition of their skin.

“Profhilo is not a filler but an incredibly effective remodelling injectable, for smoothing and tightening the skin. It stimulates collagen production naturally and provides a deep long-lasting hydration giving the skin a glowing natural look. It really is a game-changer!”

The liquid is injected into five key points on the face; starting with each side just next to the ears, then on to the nasolabial fold (laughter lines around the mouth), chin, under the eyes and on the tops of cheeks. I am not going to lie, it is not the most comfortable experience but no pain no gain in my book. Pam tells me to come back for a top up in a month, then recommends two treatments twice a year. Will I be back?

That’s a resounding yes 🙂

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