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Introducing Sculpta by Déesse PRO

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Harnessing the power of TriGen technology, Sculpta by Déesse PRO combines the power of three clinically proven energies combined: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) 4000Hz, radio frequency (RF) 4MHz and red light therapy (LED) 630nm, to deliver ultimate facial rejuvenation results and promote optimum skin health.

The first of its kind, this revolutionary device targets all three layers of the skin to restore facial definition, improve the appearance of skin ageing, boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. It helps to restore and regenerate whilst redefining facial contours, improving skin texture and strengthening muscle tone to give a more youthful appearance.

Dual-ended, multi-functional beauty tech to treat all signs of skin ageing and promote optimal skin health. EMS activates facial muscles, toning and lifting them, while RF stimulates collagen and elastin production, aiding in skin tightening and reducing fine lines. Red light therapy penetrates deeper into the dermis, enhancing cellular function, promoting skin repair, and reducing inflammation.

Immediately after use, the skin feels more toned, firm and lifted, whilst over time and with frequent use, the skin will appear hydrated, plumped and more youthful. 

Experience both immediate and long-term rejuvenating results, personalised to suit your individual skin concerns and needs. Tone, tighten and firm. Hydrate, plump and glow. Contour, sculpt and define.

Sculpta by Déesse PRO must be used with a water-based conductor that allows for the device to glide over the skin. We suggest using with your favourite water-based skincare serums or gels (e.g hyaluronic acid serum) to aid their efficacy, or a basic ultrasound gel.

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